The Gift of Business

the gift that just keeps giving & giving…

On the matter of business & startups…

I know they can do it, and they are pretty sure they can do it too, but they're totally stuck at how…

Sound like anybody you know? A friend, spouse, child, sibling… maybe you?

No, you won't hear any chastising from us! This stuff is hard. We've dedicated our careers to helping people figure it out, so we've seen firsthand just how hard it is. Because they don't teach you this stuff in school. (Not even, believe it or not, in business school.)

Just getting started can seem insurmountable

Because it feels like you're starting from scratch, and you have figure out:

  • where to start
  • how to plan, work effectively, and ship (a large product? a small one?)
  • how to price a product or what to charge as an hourly rate,
  • how to sell in the way people want to buy, and
  • how to build an audience to sell to

And on top of all that, it's like you've got to do it all on your own. Business books are all so… vague. Or they're geared towards giant enterprises and not the newbie or the one-person shop.

But it doesn't have to be that way. That's why I (Amy), Brennan Dunn, and Nathan Barry do what we do.

For the first time ever, we've put our heads together to offer you an awesome gift package at an awesome price to help your loved one get a business off the ground in 2015. Whether they're starting a brand new business or an struggling with an existing one.

Knowledge, inspiration, action—that's the very best gift you can give. To help someone you love fulfill their dream.

A set of business books as a… present?

Yes indeed. Although it's not just books (see the full gift packages below!).

Granted, it's not a sexy present. Being digital, it's not going to glitter under the tree. (Although you could always gift wrap a cute USB stick!) It's hard to show off at work. It'll also never shrink, fall out of fashion, go obsolete, run out of batteries, or break.

Nope. In fact, it's one of very few presents that will get more useful and more valuable the more they use it.

Plus no shipping — no waiting — no missing packages — no waste.

And it's not just "business books" (bo-ring)

It's an instant library of expert advice and coaching.

Your lucky loved one can dip into it whenever they need it. Pricing? Productivity? Launch strategies? Negotiations? Marketing? You've got them covered with your gift: Succinct, no-punch-pulled actionable wisdom, from people who've done it (again and again!).

And, not to toot my own horn, but Nathan, Brennan and I have been teaching this stuff for years now. We know how to teach it well, how to motivate our students, how to help them get their best results.

Plus, when you splurge for the Complete package, your lucky giftee also receives 6 free months' of valuable business software and a ticket to a live Q&A with those same experts (that is to say, me, Alex, Brennan, and Nathan). Many more reasons & inspiration to execute.

It's also a set of safety rails

Again, not sexy—right up to the point where you're careening down the cliff, at which point there's nothing sexier than a guardrail.

Yes, starting a business is risky. The biggest danger, though, is the least obvious: not catastrophe, but the slow subtle death of not doing what needs to be done.

When you're starting, and when you're growing, there are so many hills to climb. Every single one of those hills could be the one that kills the business. And some of them are invisible.

This is the present that can help your loved one get over that hump of “what next?” and “now what?” and “what do I do?” — as well as “how much?” and “but I'm afraid” and “I'll get to that tomorrow” and “I just can't seem to finish.”

This is the present that can help them go from dreaming to starting their engines. And help their business survive long enough to get somewhere!

Now that's a great present.

And it's also a very affordable one, too—starting at less than the cost of a meal at a nice restaurant.

Here's what your lucky loved one will receive to jumpstart their dream and keep it running:

The Action Bundle

  • Authority, by Nathan Barry (pdf, epub, mobi)
  • Just F#*!ing Ship, by Amy Hoy (pdf only, epub/mobi to follow for free)
  • Double Your Freelancing Rate, by Brennan Dunn (pdf, epub, mobi)
  • 3 bonus essays by productized consulting coach & author, Nick Disabato (pdf only)
  • A LIVE 1-hour Q&A session with Amy, Nathan, Brennan and Alex (including transcript to keep)
  • Early access to 14 action-oriented coaching talks filmed at BaconBizConf 2014, featuring experts like Jesse Mecham (YNAB), Patrick McKenzie (aka patio11), Josh Kaufman (Personal MBA), Ryan Delk (Gumroad), all 3 of us, as well as others who sneak under the fame-radar
  • 2 free months of Planscope for project management
  • 2 free months of ConvertKit for email marketing
  • 2 free months of Freckle for time tracking and productivity analysis

Retail value: $400
Your special Gift of Business holiday price: $109
less than one fancy dinner for two, or one rather nice (but not cashmere) sweater!

Savings: 73%!

GIVE as a present BUY for yourself

The Prep Bundle

  • Authority, by Nathan Barry (pdf, epub, mobi)
  • Just F#*!ing Ship, by Amy Hoy (pdf only, epub/mobi to follow for free)
  • Double Your Freelancing Rate, by Brennan Dunn (pdf, epub, mobi)
  • 3 bonus essays by productized consulting coach & author, Nick Disabato (pdf only)
  • Early access to 14 action-oriented coaching talks filmed at BaconBizConf 2014

Retail value: $107
Your special Gift of Business holiday price: $49
less than dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant, or 2 hot new releases on Blu-ray

Savings: 54%!

GIVE as a present BUY for yourself

Don't wait too long… this deal won't last!

This really is a special deal:

  • The prices go up to $119 and $59, respectively, on Monday, December 22 at 5 pm eastern.
  • The gift packages go offline completely at 12:01 am eastern, January 1st 2015.

Questions & answers

Got a question we haven't covered? Drop us an email (

How will it be delivered?

All 3 ebooks are in PDF format, ideal for iPad reading! ePub and mobi formats are also included for Authority and Double Your Freelancing Rate only.

If you buy a gift package as a present for someone else:

  • they will receive the ebooks and bonus essays immediately via email along with your gift message
  • the video package will arrive by email on January 2nd
  • for the Action package, the instructions for the free months' software will arrive immediately
  • for the Action package, the exact time & date for the LIVE Q&A will be announced (via email) on January 2nd (see below for scheduling information)

If you buy it for yourself, all the same applies, but it goes directly to you.

Note: If you want to keep it a surprise, we suggest you buy it for yourself and either send it to them later via email, or package it up (see below!).

How can I make it more… gift-y?

I hear you, because I love to watch people unwrap presents. So I came up with an idea for you:

Click the "Buy for yourself" button, download the goodies, put them on a fun USB stick (Lego minifigs, anyone? Or cats?), stick it in a nice little box, wrap.

When is the live Q&A? What form will it take?

We'll be scheduling the Q&A for a time that will work best for the majority of our customers, and to do that we need to see where our customers are! So we'll be announcing the exact time & date on January 2nd, after all the sales are in.

Most likely it will be a Saturday afternoon, eastern time, because that time works for both the west coast and most of Europe.

If you or your giftee can't make it, we'll accept questions via email, and do our best to answer them all during the Q&A session. And you (or they) will receive a copy of what went on!

As for format — we're still deciding on whether audio/video will work best, or text chat. (This depends largely on how many folks will be attending!)

Either way it will be recorded or transcribed.

Can I share this special offer with my friends?

Yes, we know you're not really asking that question, but we would love it if you did.

OK! I'm ready! Where are those buy buttons again?

Your wish is our command:

Action Package - $400 $109, everything including the live Q&A and 6 mos' free tools

GIVE as a present BUY for yourself

Prep Package - $107 $49, books and video talks

GIVE as a present BUY for yourself