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Questions & answers

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How will it be delivered?

All 3 ebooks are in PDF format, ideal for iPad reading! ePub and mobi formats are also included for Authority and Double Your Freelancing Rate only.

If you buy a gift package as a present for someone else:

  • they will receive the ebooks and bonus essays immediately via email along with your gift message
  • the video package will arrive by email on January 2nd
  • for the Action package, the instructions for the free months' software will arrive immediately
  • for the Action package, the exact time & date for the LIVE Q&A will be announced (via email) on January 2nd (see below for scheduling information)

If you buy it for yourself, all the same applies, but it goes directly to you.

Note: If you want to keep it a surprise, we suggest you buy it for yourself and either send it to them later via email, or package it up (see below!).

How can I make it more… gift-y?

I hear you, because I love to watch people unwrap presents. So I came up with an idea for you:

Click the "Buy for yourself" button, download the goodies, put them on a fun USB stick (Lego minifigs, anyone? Or cats?), stick it in a nice little box, wrap.

When is the live Q&A? What form will it take?

We'll be scheduling the Q&A for a time that will work best for the majority of our customers, and to do that we need to see where our customers are! So we'll be announcing the exact time & date on January 2nd, after all the sales are in.

Most likely it will be a Saturday afternoon, eastern time, because that time works for both the west coast and most of Europe.

If you or your giftee can't make it, we'll accept questions via email, and do our best to answer them all during the Q&A session. And you (or they) will receive a copy of what went on!

As for format — we're still deciding on whether audio/video will work best, or text chat. (This depends largely on how many folks will be attending!)

Either way it will be recorded or transcribed.

Can I share this special offer with my friends?

Yes, we know you're not really asking that question, but we would love it if you did.